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Pest and disease control programs

Conducted by CDTC

CDTC Organized several pest and disease control programs in all over the country.

Pest and disease control programs 2019

Intended Training Program Target Group Target Number
8.1 Integrated Coconut Mite management program    
a) Distribution of predatory mite bags Predatory mite bags 200000
b) Performance and production Evaluation in laboratories Visits 25
c)Establishment of new result demonstration plots (CCB CMG) Result demonstration plot 4
d) Field Monitoring &Evaluation in Predatory Mite usage in the mite management program of 2018 Fields 1
8.2 Integrated Coconut Red Weevil management program    
a) Conduct red weevil management campaigns Campaigns 19
b) Distribution of Pheromone vials Pheromone vials 19000
c) Field Monitoring &Evaluation of Integrated red weevil management program Fields 19
d) Production of pheromone Pheromone vials 6
8.3 Integrated Coconut Black Beetle management program    
a) Integrated Coconut Black Beetle management program at different location Campaigns 5
b) Field Monitoring &Evaluation of Integrated black beetle management program Fields 5
8.4 Biological control of Coconut Caterpillar    
a) Parasite Releasement program through Regional office Parasite vials 1500
b) Training program to growers to identify the pest damage and train how to use parasites for control of coconut caterpillar Training program 5
8.5 Occasional pest management Program awareness program  


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