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Coconut Development Training Center (CDTC) is the pioneer institute of transferring coconut based technologies to the personal involved in the coconut industry, including the technical and non-technical officers of the Coconut Cultivation Board (CCB), coconut growers, processors, students and others interested in coconut cultivation in Sri Lanka.

Our main objective is to increase productivity of coconut lands by improving knowledge, skills and attitude of the coconut growers in the country.


We Provides the Opportunity to Develop Your Coconut Land


Training Program for Coconut Growers

Provide comprehensive training programs to update the knowledge and skills of the personal involved in the coconut industry, including coconut growers, processors and other interested in the coconut cultivation This type of training programs offer on various aspects of coconut cultivation such as organic coconut cultivation, coconut land rehabilitation, mitigation of climatic change impact on coconut cultivation, pest and disease control of coconut estates, value added coconut products.


Educational Program for Students

Practical training programs for Agriculture students of Universities, Agriculture Schools and technical colleges. In this training provide overall practical knowledge and skills on aspects related to coconut cultivation and management.


Pest & Disease Control Programs

Organized several pest and disease control programs in all over the country the integrated red weevil control program, coconut black beetle control program and coconut mite control program are the main programs.


National Exhibitions

Organized and participate the national level exhibition to raise the CCB profile, build relationships, networking and aware of new technologies of coconut cultivation with mass community



Collaborating and sharing knowledge about the future of the coconut industry We have published handbooks, advisory leaflets and videos on coconut cultivation and published bi-annual newsletter, “CDTC NEWS”.


Red Weevil Pheromone Synthesis Laboratories

Trapping adult red weevil using the major component of the aggregation pheromone, ferrigineol is a main control method. CDTC Red weevil pheromone synthesis unit is selling red weevil pheromone vials at concession price.


Estate Visits

Undertake advisory and consultancy visits on the request of coconut growers and provide technical guidance regarding the matter


In House Training

Develop skills that increase productivity and quality of CCB extension staff and supportive staff of CCB


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Training program on New Extensionist

15 Jul 2019 CDTC

Coconut Cultivation Board is initiating follow-up the learning kit with the massive hand, Prof. Wanigasundera, Department of Extension, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Peradeniya...

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The training program for Coconut Cultivation Board Managers

13 Jul 2019 CDTC

The training program was organized such a way to enhance the Leadership qualities and decision making abilities as the CCB managers...

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